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Want to expand your online offerings?
Presenting Inventory-Link.com

Imagine offering your customers over fifteen hundred (1,500) diamonds and over 400 pair of diamond stud earrings, certified and non-certified, in your own website using a database supplied by a leading diamond wholesaler, Crown Diamond Co. Think of the impression it will make on your customers when you can offer them a selection of hundreds of diamonds which they can search by using a few keystrokes. Never before has your customer had the ability to find that perfect diamond with such ease. Inventory-Link.com gives your business a web presence with your own unique store identification, your very own markup, and a selection of diamonds unprecedented before now. Customers will enjoy shopping from their homes or offices with 24 hour a day access, 365 days a year, regardless of your store hours. Want to know more?

How does it work?

Even if you have never been on the Internet or do not own a website, you know that a revolution is happening online. Inventory-Link.com will allow customers to search for diamonds in our "Diamond Vault" to their exact specifications. The prices will be your prices. You determine the markup. (Your prices will reflect your preferences

If you already have a registered website with your own address i.e. www.yourstorenamehere.com, you can have access to the "Diamond Vault" database. We'll provide a URL (link address) for your website that will link directly to our "Diamond Vault" of thousands of diamonds. The button will be in the same style as your current buttons on your site.

Great concept, I am really excited.
How do I get signed up?

Fill out the registration form provided. Make sure you fill out all the necessary information to insure quick processing. Completing the form today means you will have a web presence in a few days. That is probably a lot quicker than you thought it could be. Be sure to take the time to fill out all information correctly.

Participation is subject to credit approval by Crown Diamond, Inc. Inventory-Link.com developed and produced by Crown Diamond, Inc. Patent and registration pending.